EGG Hosts EcoVillage Build Day

April 22nd, 2018 Charlottesville, VA In honor of Earth Day, EGG hosted a build day at our partner community, the EcoVillage Charlottesville. We currently have two project teams that have been working with the EcoVillage all year; the Playground team and the Structured Project. The Playground team has been designing improvements to last year's structure and installed those improvements this year. This involved creating a more durable captain's wheel, extending the wood flooring of the boat, securing loose side panels, and adding new wood to the roof. The Structured Project spent the year researching and designing learning gardens for the school at the community. They decided upon a hexagonal

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Our mission is to inspire students to be proactive and contextually-aware Engineers who empower communities to attain their basic human needs in a sustainable manner.

Engineers Going Global

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